Hello again.

I haven’t posted anything here for months now; probably even about a year. It’s not exactly because I have no time. I guess it’s rather a will issue. A will issue because in my mind, I know nobody’s going to read the blog anyway. Then I remembered that when I started this blog, I didn’t really care if anyone will read it or not.

I’m just throwing out what’s in my head right now and this is basically a pointless blabber, hoping to get me writing again.

Photography is what I am into these days. Well, I’ve been into it since 2011 and just like writing, kind of set it aside as well. It could be because I got frustrated with the fact that at almost 4 years of being into it, my plan of being able to earn through it still hasn’t come to reality. Just a few months ago, I started shooting again and at a more ‘regular’ basis. Still not paid shoots. Still, I have my friend Jenny Pie Javier to thank for allowing me to work with her on a photography project that jump started my photography again.

Patience and a better portfolio is what I need, they say. My patience is shrinking and I’m not sure my portfolio is getting any better. In order to get a better portfolio, I need to spend more money than I already have. That’s fine, I guess. That’s fine if I had a lot of extra money to spend but it necessary.

Looking at the pictures from my recent shoots, I have seen some changes. Some were for the better and some were just not good enough. It takes a lot of time and practice to be good at it. I used to be the type of photographer who only shoots when I think I have a perfectly composed environment for my subject and perfect pose for my subject as well. That too has changed. I became trigger happy and resulted to a waste in resources and unnecessary shots.

I know I have to re-learn photography again, go back to basics for the reason that I haven’t really spent too much time in workshops that I was supposed to be attending. I really hope to be able to attend workshops again soon. Probably a couple of workshops soon. What I learned in workshops, I have Sir Winston Baltasar to thank. I just think I’m not giving what he taught me justice when I look at my work. I really have to go back to his workshops and study the basics again.



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