Book Review: Lourd De Veyra’s This is a Crazy Planets

Lourd Ernest H. De Veyra is a three-time Palanca Award winning writer who also happens to be the front man of local band Radioactive Sago Project. Apart from that, he is also one of the hosts of morning show Sapul sa Singko on TV5 and Tayuan Mo at Panindigan on Aksyon TV 41.

This Is A Crazy Planets is a printed version of carefully chosen blog entries De Veyra wrote for It was written in a mix of English and Filipino. Launched on June 23, 2011 at Route 196 Katipunan, QC.

This is a Crazy Planets cover

This is a Crazy Planets book cover

How was the read?

The first and last book that I’ve read of De Veyra before this was Insectissimo. It wasn’t exactly anywhere near this because it was a book of poems. This one is a collection of well chosen blog entries from his blog of the same name.

I’ve been a follower of the blog itself so I already know most of the contents of the book but that didn’t stop me from buying the book. There were a couple of new entries that never got posted online.

The entries are random rants about random things like for instance the killer buses of EDSA or the President’s nosy baby sister (He even has two entries. Seems like he just doesn’t like her. haha.).

One of my favorites would be the entry called “Umasal Lamang Nang Ayon Sa Ganda”, where he tackles how one should act based what one looks like. A snippet from it is as shown below:

Q: Bakit kailangan nito sa mga panahon ngayon?

Dahil sa mundong pataas nang pataas ang stress levels, dala ng banta ng climate change, kriminalidad, trapik, polusyon. Wala nang mas nakakakulo ng dugo kesa sa isang taong hindi umaasal nang ayon sa kagandahan.

A couple more entries that I would recommend reading would be the ones entitled Taxi Drivers from Hell (This would actually make you realize that you’ve probably met all the types of cab drivers listed, which is in a way funny.) and Public Enemy No.1: A Tribute to Paquito Diaz (who apparently has made more movies than FPJ or Nora Aunor.).

His style of comedic sarcasm is simply intelligent. The humor that he uses is something that the regular Juan can actually relate to.

Was it worth the buy?

The book is sells for only Php 195.00 and available in most bookstores. It’s not a joke but it sure is funny. The entertainment value is priceless.

Would I recommend it to anybody?

Definitely Buy It. Now. Need I say more?!

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