Writing book reviews.


Blogging seems to now be an outlet for wanna-be writers to showcase their crafts. The more common thing that the blogs contain are personal opinions about things. There’s even a money-making aspect for it now.

I came across an article by local writer Carlos Malvar – an interview with probably the most famous local writer Bob Ong. Reading through the previous entries in this blog would show how much of a fan I am of his style.

This was an excerpt from Carlos Malvar‘s interview of Bob Ong for FHM Philippines.

CM: “You’re not very fond of critics. Why?”
BO: “I have yet to hear direct negative reviews from established critics.  Right now there’s just bloggers and reviewers who need to boost their self-esteem by telling everyone that their taste is different and they’re reading books that only they read.

I think it’s counterproductive.  They are not happy that more people are now reading.  Instead of encouraging young Filipinos to enjoy books, they’re telling the new readers that they’re hopeless because they’re not reading the books that have their (‘critics’) seal of approval.

It’s basically immaturity and childishness enjoying group sex with arrogance and ignorance.   I wish somebody soon would produce the great Filipino novel worthy of critics praise and wide readership, I wish for that infallible book—no, books—to come soon.  But while we’re waiting, I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to just keep our youths comfortable with reading and acquainted with books—any book.  Don’t you agree?”

I don’t fully agree with his statement. He seems to generalizing, which is unfair to some writers/bloggers.

While it is true that there are bloggers/reviewers who actually write about what they think of a certain book or product just for the sake of trying to make a name for themselves, not everybody does that. As much as I want to spend time doing some research to cite examples of bloggers who do it, I choose not to. Nobody wants to spark an online feud – it can get really dirty.

There are the ones who do it just because. If you read about something, wouldn’t you want to tell others about it?

I write reviews myself but as I mention in my entries, what I write about, I base on some facts and my opinion. After all, it still up to the person reading if he/she wants to go with what I recommended or not. It’s not like they are getting forced to read only the things that reviewers like.

They may get influenced by the reviews but I believe, the more important thing is TO GET PEOPLE TO READ MORE.

FHM Philippines is a magazine franchise owned by Summit Media Philippines.

Bob Ong is a local writer known for his books such as ABNKKBSNPLAko?! and the more recent release, Ang mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan.

Carlos “Siege” Malvar is a local writer known for his book Roles (A not quite unreal novel) and its follow-up Crash.

Both authors’ books are under published by Visprint, inc.

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