This thing called blogging.

Blogging is like having a baby. You have to feed it. You have to check up on it from time to time. You have to do these things on a regular basis. If possible, weekly or better yet, daily.

I started this blog without thinking that anybody would actually visit it but the people I know. Surprisingly, there were a few articles that gave this blog some exposure – the topic was the talk of the town for a few weeks. Even famous local bloggers talked about it. Well, not my articles but the topic itself. It gave my blog a good 5,000 views for the main article and it’s follow up. So yes talking about controversial topics can help but it doesn’t mean that you have to write about it too often.

Knowing your topic well will help a lot with getting readers. Getting your thoughts together will be necessary, unless you want to get your readers confused.

Getting paid to do this kind of thing would just be a bonus. Other blogs already have advertisers on their sites. Mine has none yet since aside from the fact that I am not able to update this as regular as I used to, the site doesn’t allow its user to put at least Google’s adsense.

This blog still has a long way to go. I’m not an expert with this. This is just my two cents.


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