Book Review: The Jupiter Effect by Katrina Tuvera

Image from the Anvil Publishing website

Image from the Anvil Publishing website

The book was released in 2006. I first saw it in a bookstore near my place late last year. It took me months before buying the book; just because it was politically inclined. And I wasn’t really into those types of books. This one just caught my interest. The story focused more on the characters than politics itself. I was born during the mid-80s but I was too young to be aware of the situation back then. Reading the book was like time travelling for me. I seem to have gotten stuck to that time frame while reading. I don’t know how much of the content of the book was real but it seemed so real to me.

As Former Senator Juan M. Flavier said:

The Jupiter Effect is really one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. It’s uncannily timely, too, as it portrays the many compromises I still see today, first hand, in Philippine politics.

This book could actually be a classic.

How was the read? It was more than good. The story was very well written. The main characters in the story seemed to be so real. It could be because it was based on historical events, specifically the rise and fall of the Marcos regime. The book was about the experiences of the so-called “martial law babies”. The lead characters, Gaby and Kiko Contreras, and how they coped up with a time when everything they thought was good started to fall apart. While reading the book, it almost seemed like I was part of the story; like someone was telling me all the things that happened first-hand. As the author mentioned in her afterword for the book, this was actually the first book of a trilogy. Yup, I’m already waiting for the next books to come out. Seriously, the ending was sort of a cliffhanger and it will really make you wait for the next book.

Was it worth the buy? The book costs Php195.00. Yes it was worth the buy. I mean if the book was sold a little higher than what it costs now, I still would’ve bought it. Unlike some of the books that I’ve read, this one was worth the buy.

Would I recommend it to anybody? I definitely would. This book is a must read for all book lovers. It has a slice of history and it is quite nostalgic as well. If you were one of those martial law babies, this book would bring back memories. If you were one of those who were born post-martial law/post-Ninoy assassination, you’ll learn things from the book as well.


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