The “Ako Mismo” Movement

The Ako Mismo Movement started a few months ago. Although it seems politically motivated, I think it is actually for a good cause. The main goal of the movement is social change. It seemed to have been influenced by US President Barack Obama’s campaign slogan, pre-presidency.

The movement had celebrity endorsers on its television advertisements who were giving their statements on how they can help for social change. From Radio Jocks to Musicians to Actresses, and even ordinary people who support the cause. They have a website where you can sign up in support of it. Yup, it’s obviously for information gathering. For what purpose, I don’t know.

Ako Mismo Movement

The Ako Mismo Logo

Supporters of this movement are very visible. They have this dog tag that says “Ako Mismo” with the movement’s logo. It was sold for like 20 Pesos a piece during the launching of their movement in the Bonifacio Open Field in The Fort, Taguig. Even if the dog tags were already that cheap, it was still copied and fake ones came out which were being sold for a little higher. But people still bought it. Now, it was more like a fashion statement than a symbol for their cause.

Which brings me to the topic of posers; I’m pretty sure that there are people who wear the dog tags that don’t even understand the movement’s real cause. And they’re wearing fake ones. These people are like those who join rallies without even knowing why they are there. And because of these posers, the movement’s campaign is becoming none sense. One of my friends even made a parody of the dog tag which he posted on his DeviantArt page. He had an original Ako Mismo dog tag but he wouldn’t wear it because like me, he believes that the movement’s message is somewhat becoming just another fashion slogan.

I was talking about this with one of my friends and we both agreed that this movement might actually be a Partylist Group. If it is, I guess it’s alright but the people behind the campaign could’ve admitted it early on. But of course, we can’t jump into conclusions just yet.

People who could run across this blog might bash me but what I wrote here is based on my observations. In short, it is my own opinion. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. So I hope they respect mine.

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