Blogging: Why I do it and the guidelines that I follow

The primary reason why I got into blogging is that I wanted to write. But since I wasn’t even brave enough to apply as writer/columnist, I thought of starting this blog.

Blogging is like running your own magazine. You get to be the columnist and at the same time, the editor-in-chief. It’s double the hard work. But at least you can write whatever you want on your blog.

Weird thing is that the although one can write anything in his/her own blog doesn’t mean that he/she can actually do. Why? Well, here in the Philippines, there has already been a case where a blogger was sued for writing a supposedly maliciously untrue article on her blog regarding a controversial incident that she and her family were involved in. The accuser also stated that because of the article she wrote on her blog, they are being put in a bad position. I don’t know who among both parties were telling the truth but lesson learned, be cautious of what you write. Situations like this have also happened in other countries. Some have even been sent to prison.

Just like a real editor-in-chief, you have to edit your own articles carefully and make sure that:

  1. It has no grammatical/typographical errors.
  2. If it is about real incidents, make sure that what you have written is true. Do not alter anything just to make it a little more interesting for the readers.
  3. You do not write about something that you know little or nothing about. Research about it or just don’t write about it. It might put you and your blog in jeopardy.
  4. Your articles should be gender and race sensitive. You would not want to be tagged as a racist blogger.
  5. Your article does not contain anything too personal. Remember that your blog can be accessed by millions of internet users.
  6. When using/posting pictures for your article that you got from the internet, make sure you cite your sources. This applies to phrases or maybe paragraphs that you got from other websites or blogs. Plagiarism is rampant on the internet. And it is also punishable by law. You can get sued and penalized for it.

What I have listed above are just some of the things that a blogger needs to remember when writing articles for his/her blog.

As a writer, you also have to be able to take criticisms and/or negative comments from your readers. Some of the readers’ comments can be really nasty. Their comments can even be a little overboard and they comment not just on the article but the writer as well; but hey, no hard feelings. As they say, you’d have to have the stomach to be a writer. The readers will either love or hate you and your articles. That’s the way it is. Criticisms usually make a writer do better. At least they read your work. That is more important.

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