Chip Tsao has apologized. And?

The Controversial Writer - Chip Tsao
Chip Tsao.

Chip Tsao has finally apologized.

After causing much stir, he was at the Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong to personally apologized for the very controversial article that he wrote. The Philippine Consulate has accepted his apology; although The Philippine Government hasn’t. And I’m not sure if the Filipino People has forgiven him too. I guess it is something that can be forgiven but not forgotten. In the first place, the article was way below the belt.

A Philippine Lawmaker said that Chip Tsao’s apology was an insult to the Filipino Intelligence. Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn’t. Well, it is his opinion.

The Bureau of Immigration has stated that Mr. Tsao is still blacklisted.

(There is a video of his apology. I’m just not sure where I can obtain a copy of it.)

My take on this:
He took time to go to the Philippine Consulate to personally apologize. All we wanted was a public apology. And that was what he did. We should accept it. I think we should end the issue already. Because the more we bash him, the more famous he becomes. Which is probably what he wanted to happen. We got the apology and he got the fame. Not fair but both sides got what they wanted.

On other blogs, people seem to still have not been satisfied with Mr Tsao apologizing twice.

Here’s a suggestion: If he dares to do it again, then we take it to the next level.


11 thoughts on “Chip Tsao has apologized. And?

  1. What kind of apology was that? It would help if he showed a tiny bit of sincerity. And why was he speaking in Spanish? The Filipinos speak Tagalog, him apologizing in Spanish is like apologizing to a Vietnamese in French.

    It’s not good enough Chip, you’re giving us Hong Kong people a bad name and that’s all you can come up with? Pathetic.

    • Soy tagala pero me has insultado con tus palabras. Tagala no es la lengua materna de todo los filipinos. Todavia hay muchos que no hablan tagala. Para mi, es bueno que se disculpó en espanol. It’s actually a good wake-up call for us pinoys to rediscover our Spanish roots.

      Fine that’s off topic. His apology still doesn’t discount him from being a bad writer. He clearly fails at satire.

      • There are a lot of Filipinos who actually don’t speak in tagalog but do understand it. Why could it be good to apologize in spanish? The Philippines isn’t a spanish speaking nation. And besides, it would then be another insult to us Filipino.

  2. Chip Tsao’s apology wouldn’t erase the fact that he did belittle filipino’s most especially us employed us Domestic helper’s here in HK.
    If I would be given the chance to demand something from what he did is to ban him from hiring Filipino Helpers and entering Philippines.
    Better get a mirror and see your reflection on what kind of journalist are you Mr. Chip Tsao!

    You don’t have any right to call us such things….
    We Filipino’s would fight no matter what it takes!!!

    May God bless you…

    • Thank you for your comment. I have relatives who were like you, sir/ma’am. I am enraged with his remarks as much as you are. What he did could be forgiven but not forgotten.

      If in case you haven’t read about it, the Filipina Domestic Assistant that he insulted worked for his father. And she actually had no knowlegde of the article that Mr. Tsao wrote. She has worked for Chip Tsao’s father for about 14 years now and she said that she is happy with her job and has still no plans of resigning.

      So will the protest on Sunday push through?

  3. Oh, come on….

    With all the problems of the Philippines you are getting exercised about this. I have a reasonably grasp of English, and if you didn’t think Chip was satrical then you should have flunked the 10th grade… Get serious…

    • The article was more than satirical sir. And I think sarcastic might even be an understatement.

      If you thought it was funny, then you must be out of your mind. C’mon, even other nationalities reacted to it. They agreed that it was too much of a satire. It was a kick to the nuts for us Filipinos.

      Are you even Filipino?

  4. “A whipper-snapper of criticism who quoted dead languages to hide his ignorance of life..” This mantra is for the most-famous, lord-wannabe Chip Tsao.

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  6. Racists don’t change overnight. He may have learnt his lesson not to write against us, but still it doesn’t change the man’s general view about us- that’s my opinion.

    Mr. Chip Tsao went a step further when he confronted and lectured his father’s Filipino domestic helper which unfortunately happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time about the Philippines claim on Spratlys. It’s enough insult already to write about our dear OFW’s and call us a nation servants but to lecture his helper and brag about it on his article was totally outrageous!

    Chip Tsao owed us an apology not only for today but for everytime he holds his pen to write. Yes, we should move on and forgive but we musn’t forget. Never.

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