Chip Tsao vs The Filipino People: A Follow-up

After enraging a whole nation, what’s next for Chip Tsao?

Well, for starters, he got banned from entering the Philippines; although it is something that he probably doesn’t care about. I don’t think he would even dare to come here. C’mon, need I say more?

As it turns out, the Domestic Assistant that he disrespected actually works for his father. So he wasn’t really telling the truth when he mentioned in his article that he had a Domestic Assistant. The Filipina Domestic Assistant has been working there for 14 years now.

We all have assumptions as to why he wrote such a preposterous article. If you read his article, you may come to a conclusion that he is a self-righteous prick who doesn’t have a clue about what he is saying. He wasn’t Satirical as HK Magazine claimed, he was Sarcastic.

One reader commented on my previous entry about having a deeper reason why Chip wrote it. One of the reasons I could think of is jealousy. He must have been jealous with his father’s Domestic Assistant because his father was probably treating her as family more than him. Hahaha. But then again, I believe I am in no position to assume anything.

Still, everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

The Aftermath.

This seemingly shallow issue has now become personal. I’ve read other blogs and articles connected with this issue and some have mentioned even Chip’s family. Please, let’s not go that far. Bash him all you want but don’t include his family. His family has nothing to do with the issue.

Everything that we might have said is all because of a sudden rush of
emotions. Though it is really hard to control especially at situations like this, try your best to do so. As a writer mentioned in his blog, we don’t have to swoop down Chip Tsao’s level.

My take on this:

Chip Tsao has to surface and clear things out for this issue to stop one and for all. Had he not been such an ass, the issue wouldn’t have been this big of a deal. His public apology is what we all need in the first place.

I hope that by now, Chip Tsao has learned his lesson. He should not mess with Filipinos.

Note to the readers:

Please not include words too vulgar on your comments. I am as enraged as you are but please compose yourselves. I will have to edit out those improper words if I see any of it again. Thank you.


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