Chip Tsao vs The Filipino People

This past week, the talk of the town was Chip Tsao and his article on HK Magazine. He called the Philippines a “nation of servants”.

When I first heard about it, it wasn’t really much of a big deal to me. But when I was able to read his article, then I was enraged; Together with all of my countrymen.

Well, he wrote an article that sparked the anger of a whole nation. He insulted the Filipino People because of our claim for the Spratley Islands. The fact that we aren’t the only nation claiming the islands, it was wrong of him to have written such racist remarks. I guess he should have insulted the other countries as well. But then again, he didn’t. Why? I don’t know. My guess is that because the Philippines was way smaller than their country, we wouldn’t fight back.

He is talked about in all other blogs as of the moment. He is getting ridiculed and insulted in whatever way the Filipino People can think of. His article was also all over the local news. Statements from coming Philippine Politicians asking him for a public apology were also shown on the local news.

He probably doesn’t know how Filipinos take being ridiculed. He has now become the object of ridicule. The magazine where the article was published, HK Magazine, made a public apologized on his behalf. They stated that the article was a satire. So he was trying to be funny. Only the joke backfired.

He was even trying to make it a Philippines versus China issue when it really isn’t. It has now become personal. The Nation he insulted against himself.

So he is a best-selling author and columnist. So he was a reporter for BBC. So he was a lot of things. So he is a known conservative pulic figure in Hong Kong. So what? He tarnished his formerly respected name by having written such an article. It wasn’t proper for a columnist to have racial slur in his articles. To the eyes of the Nation that he insulted, he is nothing but a brainless racist prick.

I feel sorry for his domestic assistant who directly got insulted and was even mentioned in the article. He probably wasn’t thinking straight while writing the article. I mean, his domestic assistant could’ve poisoned him if she wanted to; the fact that one of her tasks was to cook his food.

The entry about him was altered and this was written:

Cheap Tsao

Known for his stupidity and penchant for racist articles, Cheap Tsao is still said to be an “award winning writer”. No one will know why or how someone like him is even considered to be a journalist and writer in the first place. Avoid any of his articles as they are non-sensical and stupefying.

My stand on this issue:

It was foolish and stupid of him to write such an article. I am angered by what he wrote. It was way out of line. I ought to kick him in the nuts just to make him know how I felt as a Flipino getting insulted by some “Satirical” writer.  Freedom of speech is an unacceptable reason for writing it. A public apology taking back everything he wrote is what the Filipino People need. And the public apology needs to be done here in the Philippines.

A copy of his article can be found here:

Note to the readers:

Please not include words too vulgar on your comments. I am as enraged as you are but please compose yourselves. I will have to edit out those improper words if I see any of it again. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Chip Tsao vs The Filipino People

  1. The issue raised by Chip Tsao isn’t just about disputes in Spratly… I guess there is deeper reason behind this. He took it too personal. So let’s make it personal. He started the war, so bring it on. The war isn’t about China vs. Philippines but Chip Tsao alone vs. Filipinos. Feel our rage Chip Tsao!

  2. that chip tsao is such an asshole! for your info you idiot TSAO, a lot of us filipinos, go to hongkong just to shop!!! we are no servants. and if at all we are “servants”, you don’t have the right to issue comments like that! we have lots of hongkong national friends. and they are very friendly to us. you are one of a kind… a very rare kind of an idiot ass!!!!
    just try to come here in our country and will bring you to the bundoks and have you as our target with shits as our main weapon to attack your fucked up face!!!!

  3. hey!chip tsao u should not tell to thaT to the filipinos!filipinos are kind!many filipinos working there!someday no filipinos will work there in hong kong!you dont have consience!to say that!filipinos work there for there family!example u have company!and some filipinos work in your company,and if they hear that,they will resigned your company and your company would be down!WE FILIPINOS WERE VERY INSULTING TO YOU!


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