Paying it Forward

I first found out about the “Pay It Forward” concept when I saw a clip from a movie of the same name that was featured on the local news. I tried to research about the movie over the internet. And I found out that the concept wasn’t exactly new but the inspiration for the movie came from a book.

The “Pay It Forward” concept goes like this:

First, You help three people who really need your help. Then, if they ask what you want in return, tell them that they each need to help three people to return the favor.

It’s really a simple concept. Simple yet it could change the world.

I personally believe that if you do good to others, it will eventually come back to you one way or another. I’ve had this idealism since I was a kid. It’s basically similar to the Pay It Forward concept. If people would only follow the concept, the world will probably be more peaceful. Agree?

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