Francis Magalona: Pinoy Hip-Hop Hero

Francis M wearing a FMCC shirt.

Francis Magalona a.k.a Francis M., Kiko, The Master Rapper.(1964-2009)

As a Music Icon.

He openned the door for Hip Hip on the Philippines. Now famous acts such as Andrew E., Gloc9, etc. Wouldn’t have been able to showcase their talents if not for him. He was brave enough to risk everything just to be able to express himself through music.

I’m not really a fan of Pinoy Hip Hop but sometimes I do listen to his and Gloc9’s music. I actually consider Francis M. as one of my heroes in music. His song Kaleidoscope World was one of my favorites.

As a highly respected icon, he was a not only a loss for the Hip-Hop Community but in the music indutry as a whole. He was able to tap into Rock Music Scene with his collaborations with bands like the Eraserheads, Parokya ni Edgar, etc; A feat that only a few Filipino Hip Hop Artists managed to do.

As far as I know, he is one of the few Filipino Hip-Hop Artists who get airplay from AB Market Radio Stations. Although Pinoy Hip-Hop isn’t fully accepted by everybody, it still amazes me that even people from the upper class of the society actually know and probably listen to his music.

He was able to release 14 albums during his great career as a musician. Before he passed away, he was doing a collaboration album with Eraserheads/Pupil frontman Ely Buendia called the Sickos Project.

As an Actor.

Francis Magalona came from a family of actors. Both his parents were famous celebrities during their time. Just like his parents, he enetered showbiz. He started out as an actor in the 80’s. And he was able to star in about 17 movies including Bagets2 which made him famous during the time.

As a Photographer.

Francis M. wasn’t only an amazing musician but also a photographer. He was an excellent photographer. As mentioned by one of the guys from the Camera Club of the Philippines, he was a very talented photographer. He was quite good for an amateur. I’ve seen some of his works through his blog. And I personally think that the shots are really good.

As a Proud Filipino.

His first single in 1990 was “Mga Kababayan ko” – A song that states how proud a Filipino he is. It was followed by more songs that had the concept of patriotism as well.

In addition to that, he also started a clothing line called Francis Magalona Clothing Company. This was another way of showing patriotism. We may not have noticed it but he started the nationalism trend. His shirts had designs that featured the 3stars and a sun concept from the Philippine flag, the map of the Philippines, and a lot more. Other clothing companies only followed his footsteps. This was another one of his risk-taking feats that are just amazing.

He influenced a lot of people, including me, to love the Philippines more and show it. I look up to him not only as an artist but as a role model as well.

His Legacy.

He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Merit for his great contribution to the local music industry. The award was received by his family during a small ceremony in the Malacañang Palace. He was also supposed to be nominated as one othe National Artists for Music but the nomination didn’t push through because the nominations were already closed during the time of his death.

He will always be remembered for his great works; as the King of Filipino Hip Hop.

As a Pinoy Hip Hop Hero.


5 thoughts on “Francis Magalona: Pinoy Hip-Hop Hero

  1. salammuallaikum sa family ni francis. d2 sa zamboanga naging malaking inspiration si si master rapper d2 samin dahil sa pinakita niyang katapangan at lakas ng loob sa paglaban nia sa kanyang sakit we are proud of you sir francis you have been a great father for your kids at iniidulo ka namin sa lahat ng bagay na hinangaan namin..dina namin kailangan na makilala ka ng lubos coz we know that you are a good person not only in the outside but also in the inside..ang inyong musika ang magbibigay daan sa mga tao na mai sakit at mga tao nag taas sa katapangan niyo..kame po ai taas saludo sa inyo at sa inyong pamilya..isa po ako sa mga batang mindanao nah nagsasabi po nah kameh po ai saludo sau.. condollence po sa family magalona at ingat po kau parati..

  2. francis m, the master rapper, king of pinoy hip hop, man from manila, an actor, photographer, businessman and a father. The legend still lives….in our hearts.

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