The Disturbing Increase of Korean Celebrity Suicides.

Warning: This blog entry discusses a very sensitive topic.

According to studies, of all the countries, South Korea has the highest suicide rate. Celebrity suicides are pointed out to be the cause for the rise in S. Korea’s very high suicide rate. This has to stop. I’m not saying it just because I want to but because it really has to stop. Suicide is stupid. Nobody should ever do it.

 This 2009, the latest casualty of suiucide was Boys Over Flowers’ star Jang Ja-Yeon.  She was found hanged to death in her home on March 7, 2009. It was reported that she comitted suicide because of “overwhelming stress” as she told her sister during a phone conversation during the same day. Which is a very unacceptable reason for commiting suicide.

2008 had the most number of celebrity suicides. One of them was Choi Jin-Sil, known as “The Nation’s Actress”. It has been speculated that one of the reasons why she comitted suicide was because of negative comments she received from Korean Netizens and rumors linking her to the suicide of another Korean celebrity. Ahn Jae-Hwan who killed himself by way of carbon monoxide poisoning because of unpaid debts to a loan shark – said to be connected to Choi Jin Sil.

It was almost one incident after another. It seemed to be becoming like a fad. And it’s a fad that should be continued. Some of the other reasons why they do it is due to depression, financial problems, etc. In my opinion, these are very shallow reasons. It may be mean of me to say that these people are weak. But it is true. I mean, everybody has problems. Why can most people handle it and they can’t?

There are reports associating getting bashed by the on-line community or the so-called netizens in forums for commiting suicide. I don’t understand why one would get affected by statements of people who probably hate them when there are a lot more who actually love them.

Something has to be done about these incidents. If it means going to a Psychiatrist, so be it. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help.

Note: I won’t mention the other celebrity suicide cases anymore. I just cited the people above as reference. If you want to know more about it, Google it. I’m speaking as a fan of Korean Cinema. I wrote this blog as an eye-opener and not to sensationalize these incidents.


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