Wolfgang’s 6th Studio Album – Villains

Taken from the Wolfgang Multiply site.

The cover of Wolfgang's new album, Villains.

2008 was the year the Wolves came back.

Once again, Wolfgang is back in the Pinoy Rock Music scene, for good. After 6 years of sleep, they are back with Villains, their 6th studio album.

The new album contains 10 explosive tracks of Pinoy Metal sound. The sound which is of distinct old school Wolfgang sound. With very powerful vocals c/o the main man, Basti Artadi. This album was recorded without the original drummer Wolf Gemora because of his comittments with his US-Based Rock Band, Lokomotiv.

Three of the tracks were pre-released as demos way back in 2006 through Yahoo! Music Philippines. Namely, John of the Cross, Diaspora Mama, and RP Deathsquad. When I first heard these tracks, I was excited. Being a Wolfgang fan for the longest time, I sensed they had something cooking. And then came 2008. Rumors about Villains surfaced.

After their album Black Mantra, I actually thought they disbanded. Turned out they only took a break. Although it seemed liked a break too long, dang, the wolves are howlin’ again.

Although I have yet to buy the CD, I admit that I’ve heard all the tracks from the album already via mp3 download. All the tracks were great but there were songs that simply took me away. 

I will still be buying the original disc. Promise. I support OPM. Buy Original. It’s the only way to save OPM. And besides, the CD is self-produced by the band.

For more info about the band, gig scheds, etc. Visit their Multiply site. Just click on the Skull. They are also on Facebook if you want to add them up.

Disclaimer: I am in no way connected with the band. I am just a fan writing about one of my most favorite bands in the world. And the image came from their Multiply site. Peace out.

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