My Rollapalooza Experience

 I was one of the contenders during the first Rollapalooza Novice Grappling Tournament held on October 12, 2008.

I’ve been training in submission wrestling and Muay Thai for almost a year proir to the event. I joined the tournament to test my grappling skills and find out whether I am battle-ready or not.

I went there alone. Representing no team.

My first match was with former FFC fighter Angelo Lazzarito of Fight Club Philippines. He was a really strong dude. Compared to what I showed and what he showed during the match, I was nothing. I couldn’t remember the exact details of the fight anymore. All I remember is that, if my memory serves me right, I caught him one or twice with my guillotine choke. I think I also tried an armbar on him but failed. The fight ended with me tapping out because I was tired and had a cut on my lip when everybody thought it was a submission by Americana Key Lock.  It was during the second round of the match. No photos from this match.

This was the guillotine choke.

This was the guillotine choke.

The second and final match was with Judo Brown Belt Henson Gosiaco of Team VPF. All I remember from this match was that I got slammed onto the matt and caught him with a guillotine choke. One of his teammates was instructing him how to get free. And when he got out of my choke, he gave me an armbar that sealed his win.

I was actually surprised to have been able to get some photos of this match against Henson from the VPF site. I am the one below.

 I actually had fun (after getting slammed and all??? hahaha.). It was a great experience. I actually want to join again if I had time.

As of now, they will be holding the 3rd Rollapalooza Tournament this March 2009. More info about it can be seen at

Vamos Para Frente

The organizer.

Anyways, props to Team VPF for organizing such an event. Although it has been months since I joined the tourney, I hope to be able to join the tourney again. And maybe the next time I join, it would be as part of one of the most dominant grappling teams in the Philippines. Team VPF.

Thanks to the VPF guys. Sir Ali Sulit, Sir Ralph Go, and everyone who helped make the event a success.  And also, thank you to Angelo Lazzarito (A really strong dude who actually popped my right elbow. nothing serious happened to me.) and Henson Gosiaco (damn that tight armbar) for bearing with a newbie like me.

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